Meet the Sundog Restoration Staff


porcelain repair specialist
Patti has been repairing ceramics for 16 years. It is her responsibility to ensure that items are properly cleaned, dismantled and reassembled. She also manages the studio and handles all business related tasks. Her favorite pieces to work on tend to be family treasures that are valuable only to the client.
Hearing family stories and restoring these special pieces is immensely rewarding.

Carrie is the lead restorer. She completed a rigorous apprenticeship with Gloria Hamlin at Hamlin’s Restoration Studio and worked alongside her professionally until Gloria’s retirement in 2018. She uses a variety of techniques to fill cracks and missing areas, create, sculpt or cast missing parts and airbrushes and hand paints missing detail. She has a particular fondness for restoring old German gnomes. She is also an accomplished mosaicist and a resident artist at a local art gallery.
porcelain restoration expert
Gloria has been a well-regarded master restorer for 25 years and until recently the owner of Hamlin’s Restoration Studio. Though Gloria doesn’t work at Sundog Restoration Studio she continues to provide invaluable insight and mentoring.