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I own a restoration company

I own a restoration company that helps people who have gone through a disaster like fire or flooding. We are grateful to have found such gifted and artistic restoration experts at Sundog Restoration Studios. We have been able to bring in cherished childhood items, Hummels that were given as anniversary gifts in decades past, and other dearly loved pieces that came to the studio damaged and looking beyond repair. When the experts at the studio return them and I am able to give them back to my customers in the condition they were before the disaster. It is very rewarding to see their faces light up because they never imagined they would get that treasure back. I am very thankful to partner with such a dedicated team of professionals.

Rainbow Restoration of St. Louis

So happy I found Sundog

So happy I found Sundog Restoration. This type of craftsmanship, expertise, and professionalism is rare these days. Highly recommend.

Edward G ., CT.

Hi Patti, right on time!

Hi Patti, right on time! The plate arrived this afternoon and so much anticipation while unwrapping it (wow a lot of protection!) it is outstanding, such pristine work! Thank you so much for restoring this piece as I was pretty sure it was going to end up in the trash but you saved it and I couldn’t be any happier. I’ve already talked you up at one of the antique shops in town and now I have the proof!! You and your team are fantastic.

Pam C,. CA.

Thank you, Patti and Carrie!

Thank you, Patti and Carrie! My little elephant found his way home and he is once again perfect. My sincere thanks. Diane.

Diane S., Apple Valley, CA.

Patti, The chocolate pot arrived

Patti, The chocolate pot arrived safe and sound and is back on the tray wearing its lid. I can’t thank you and Carrie enough for restoring it to its former glory. This little service has been in our family since the 1850s and was given to my mother when she got married in 1960 so I’m thrilled that it is ready for the next generations. Again, my deepest thanks. Steve.

Steve N., NYC, NY

Dear Patti and Carrie- I

Dear Patti and Carrie- I just wanted to send a note and say thank you! The bowl is “home“ and just looks beautiful! My heart is singing with happiness! Thank you again!

Beth C. Florida

I wanted to thank you

I wanted to thank you so much for repairing this tray. It belonged to my mother-in-law and was very sentimental. We are very pleased with the repairs and wanted to let you know. Thanks again.

Cindy Y. Alabama

Carrie and Patti’s restoration work

Carrie and Patti’s restoration work is truly awe-inspiring! They are extremely competent and do a meticulous job in this labor-intensive work. If you’re looking for museum quality repair, you’ve found the right place. Their craftsmanship is unparalleled. I wouldn’t hesitate to trust a treasured object to their loving hands. You won’t be disappointed! I also appreciated their transparency and communication – it was truly a pleasure working with these two skilled artists.

Leslie Morton, Mo.

Carrie and Patti did beautiful

Carrie and Patti did beautiful work on restoring parts of my three Doulton Lambeth jugs from England. Their workmanship and dedication to their craft is fantastic. I can highly recommend their art studio and am so pleased I found them when I needed restoration done on the handle, spouts and rims of jugs dating to 1875. Their knowledge of the pottery and care of my items was very reassuring. Thank you so very much.

Debbie Cloud, Chesterfield, MO

This review is long overdue!

This review is long overdue! When my husband went outside to work leaving our new German Shepherd puppy unattended in the house, she got to playing and knocked my grandmother’s antique majolica jardiniere planter off its pedestal and broke it into about 13 pieces, enough to literally make me cry. I had adored that big gorgeous pot my entire childhood and adult life and was blessed when I was able to take ownership of it and now it was destroyed. That is until I found Sundog Restoration Studio online! I packed all those pieces up and mailed them out while I waited patiently. I was actually on vacation when they were trying to deliver it, and almost missed the delivery, but was contacted by Sundog and was able to contact a neighbor and have them sign for it. When I got home I was so excited to unpack and have my gorgeous heirloom back. Sundog Restoration did a great job on bringing my lovely jardiniere back to me and I couldn’t be happier.

Tess Burgess, New Bloomfield, PA

Received vase and it looks

Received vase and it looks great. Very pleased with it and will use and recommend your company in the future. Thanks for a job well done.

Darrell T, Illinois

I sent in a family

I sent in a family heirloom, a treasured gift to my sister-in-law from her grandmother, that had been accidentally knocked off a ledge and smashed into many pieces (with several pieces still missing). When I presented the restored piece to her she couldn’t believe it was even possible! She cried lots of happy tears at having it back when she had thought it was a lost cause. I can’t thank Patti and Carrie enough for their incredible work and their great communication along the way.

Jeff B., Lakeville MN

Sundog repaired some antique figurines

Sundog repaired some antique figurines belonging to my husband, which had been given to him when he was a child (he is now 60). My 3-yr-old nephew found them pretty neat….and well accidents happen. I reached out to Patti and she was so pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable on the pieces. They were returned this week good as new. Thank you Patti – you saved my marriage! lol.

Mary K - Texas

Our pot arrived unscathed and

Our pot arrived unscathed and looks beautiful.

Thank you so much for the excellent restoration and for all of the communication with us throughout the process. You run a very competent and professional business.

Kind regards,
Bob Alexander

Robert Alexander, MD

The box arrived safely. I

The box arrived safely. I am amazed at your repair work! Thank you so much for your skill.
Best wishes, Cecilie

Cecilie Gaziano, MN

My vase is home and

My vase is home and I am in tears. This is the vase I remember from my grandmother‘s house. Beautiful and ugly all at the same time!! I cannot express how happy you have made me. Thank you again!

Beth Boyle, IL

I got the lamp today

I got the lamp today and she arrived in perfect condition! She looks amazing! It’s like it never happened! Thank you so much for all the hard work! I can’t thank you enough I’m so excited! We are moving into a new home and I cannot wait to put these lamps front and center! I am over the moon pleased with the result. Great communication every step of the way. Thank you again!

Michael Cicirelli, CT

Great communication, great information and

Wow!!! Amazing!!! You are miracle workers! Arrived intact, absolutely perfect. Don’t have the words to express-thank you! Too many exclamation marks, eh? Be damned if you didn’t do an absolutely marvelous job. Great communication, great information and step by step responses as the process goes on! Thank you.

Bonny G., IL

I have had a most

I have had a most wonderful experience having my hurricane damaged porcelain pieces restored by Sundog Restoration. I was very pleased with how I was handled knowing how particular I am. Patti and Carrie were first class in their restoration of all my pieces. I am enjoying admiring their handiwork. Thanks to you all.

Philip Sturm St. Thomas, USVI

Sundog Restoration Studio is Fabulous!

Sundog Restoration Studio is Fabulous!
Patti and Carrie are ” Divinely gifted” with wonderful Craftsmanship and Artistry!! These two beautiful souls took a shattered, beyond recognition, childhood treasure, after applying their kindness, excellent standards and magic, restored this piece to it’s original splendor.
I am forever grateful!!

Andrea C. ; Morrison, IL

I am so excited about

I am so excited about my Christmas ornament results. I never expected anyone would be able to make sense out of the bits and bobs I forwarded to Sundog Restoration. Heartfelt thanks to the talented and caring Sundog staff for the masterful restoration of a very special personal memento. I am over the moon with gratitude.

Kathy C., WI

I am so happy with

I am so happy with the repair of a large Hummel that has great sentimental value. It was in 15 pieces and Patti was able to put it all back together beautifully. She was in communication with me and sent pictures during the process to reassure me. The price was very reasonable and the turn around was quicker than expected. I am very grateful and highly recommend this company.

Donna L, MA

I can’t say enough how

I can’t say enough how wonderful my experience was with this business. I had a treasured pair of large greyhound dogs that I inherited from a family member that stood guard at my fireplace-after a NYE party one had gotten knocked over and smashed into 35 pieces. I was beyond heart broken. I called Sundog and they said to bring it in-the restoration was extensive due to the size and the nature of the piece but they were able to put “Jane” back together and back to her full glory. It was about a 6 month process for my piece-and I couldn’t be happier. These are an heirloom I plan to pass on and I could have cried picking the piece back up. The work is impeccable, they kept me updated the entire time, and I felt like they really did care about the piece. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them. Thank you guys.

Josh Gould St. Louis, Mo.

I would have this company

I would have this company do any restoration work on my collectibles or treasures. They restored a very special Hummel figurine for me. They not only do a magnificent job, they also have the most wonderful customer service. They truly treat your treasures like they are their own. I highly recommend them.

Becky P., Springfield, MO

Fantastic!Patti and Carrie restored a

Patti and Carrie restored a priceless family treasure (plate with my children’s hand prints) which, was broken into multiple pieces. From the initial estimate through safe delivery back in our hands, we couldn’t have asked for a better team. We have gone from devastation to elation… Thank you.

Joel Lang, San Diego, Ca.

I was devastated when my

I was devastated when my Turkish Iznik Tile and Plate were broken – while the tile was a clean break, the plate was in 10 or 11 different pieces. Luckily I found Sundog! Patti and Carrie hadn’t worked on Iznik ceramics before, and they were more than up to the task – both pieces were perfectly restored, communication was timely and informative, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thank you!!!

Mary W., Minneapolis, MN

Top quality all around.

Top quality experience all around. I had a Hummel restored. Family heirloom. Patti explained everything up front. Answered questions I didn’t know I had until she explained details. Finished work is fantastic.

Jim R. North Carolina

Beautiful work beyond anything you

Beautiful work beyond anything you could ever imagine.!!! Patti was absolutely wonderful to work with. Her communication was top notch. I am so happy I found her. If you are in need of a repair or restoration of a piece that you cherish send it to Sundog Restorations. You will be glad you did!

Jeanine Northern Virginia

Sundog repaired a darling teapot

Sundog repaired a darling teapot I ordered from Europe that arrived damaged. The repair is remarkable! They were very thorough and conscientious in all areas and the expense to achieve the desired results. I would and will use them again.

Leslie Damiano, ID

After longing to purchase a

After longing to purchase a large Copeland Parian figurine of Daniel Webster for over ten years, I was disappointed to discover that his hand was damaged. I bought him with the assurance that he could restored. I found Sundog, and I’m pleased beyond words that Patti and Carrie were, indeed, up to the task. Their work is outstanding, and I received constant updates and photos on his progress. I highly recommend the Studio for its museum-quality conservation work. Should the need arise, I will take other pieces to them. Many thanks and kudos for carrying on the family’s tradition in art conservation.

Jon Austin, Jacksonville, IL

Such a great restoration job!

Such a great restoration job! I’m glad this Meissen piece was able to be repaired. My uncle gave it to me in so many broken pieces! Augustus II is now sitting proudly on his horse. Thank you Patti & Carrie!

Kathy Hansen, Spokane Washington

I am pleased to have

I am pleased to have my beautifully restored figures back in my collection. I am delighted with this work & their expertise.

Barbara Holan, North Carolina

Patti and Carrie, thank you

Patti and Carrie, thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on mom’s statues. The work was spectacular and she was overjoyed.

Mike Forster, St. Louis, Mo

Carrie took special care with

Carrie took special care with the pitcher that was to be given
to our daughter and son-in-law on their upcoming 25th anniversary. A chip in it which they repaired and now looks new! It was given to my parents for their 25th in 1971.
They regifted it to me and my husband for our 25th in 2004. Now the third generation will enjoy it! Thank you for your excellent work and TLC!

Paula Riney, St. Louis MO

Thank you so much !

Thank you so much ! We sent our broken Hummel for repair and got a restoration instead ! You do excellent work and our piece looks as good as the day the original owner took it out of the box. We are very grateful for your services and your expertise. In future, Sundog Restorations will be our GO-TO place for all our statuary repairs ! Thank you again !

Linda & Benny R., Crossville, Tennessee

Two pieces sent for repair.

Two pieces sent for repair. Phone call upon reciept confirmed fear one was beyond repair. The candor impressed me immensely. The second piece was part of a matched set of swans or ducks (depends on who you ask it seems). Sent both damaged piece and the matching piece for reference during the restoration process.

Both came back into my home better than I really could expect. Had to look at photos of damage piece to figure out which one had been restored. The matched set are now on display in my home. Already have received comments on the subtle beauty of both.

Thanks Patti and Carrie for all your effort and care to return beauty to reminders of one’s life adventures.


Tom A; Albuquerque, NM

I quickly skimmed over previous

I quickly skimmed over previous testimonials but was struck by the emotion expressed by previous customers. My husband’s sweet Mother had a collection of Hummels that had various chips and cracks all over. We decided to try restoration rather than pass them on to another generation in that condition. All of them are restored now and I am so grateful to the lovely people who did such impeccable work . Thank You.

Maureen Pallazza Minneapolis Minnesota

Patti and Carrie were a

Patti and Carrie were a joy to work with. Two of our chalices needed repair and Carrie did a fabulous job restoring them. When you interact with them, you know that they care as much about your piece and your satisfaction with the repair as you do. If you need something repaired/restored they should be your FIRST call!

Rev. Michael Hammond Sr., St Charles, MO

Lin collects nativity sets.

Lin collects nativity sets. Our daughter is a Delta flight attendant. Thanks to her, Lin has sets from all over the world. When we unpacked for Christmas 2018 we discovered that two pieces were broken One was pottery and the other bone china. Lin was heartbroken. We had done business with Gloria before with great success. When we discovered that Sundog was the successor to her business we were a bit concerned. We should not have had any concern. When the pieces were returned they were in pristine condition. Patti and Carrie are noble successors to Gloria, their work is an equal to hers. You cannot go wrong trusting your heirlooms and precious objects to Sundog.

Rich & Lin Dawson, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Forty plus years ago my

Forty plus years ago my mom in law gave me a Hummel Madonna that had been repaired a couple of times by her and it was rather messy. It was a very special piece to me nonetheless and it has been on my dresser all these years. During some recent remodeling it was knocked off the shelf and was broken into many pieces. I sent the figurine to Sundog Restoration and I am amazed to see, for the first time, just how lovely my treasured Madonna is after having both the old and new damage repaired. I’m so thankful that Patti and Carrie do the artistic work they do. I plan to send another piece to them very soon. I truly appreciate their work.

Leslie Wiechens, Ocala FL

I have the Madonna Hummel

I have the Madonna Hummel that’s been in the family for six generations and never expected I’d find someone to repair the broken and missing pieces. I don’t even recall how I found the Sundog but am absolutely stoked that I did! The most difficult part was trusting someone to pack it properly and then trusting USPS to get it to them. The work they did is beyond amazing. It’s every bit as good as new and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve already referred them to some on my FB military art page that are looking for various repairs. The communications throughout was exceptional and I look forward to talking with them of my next request.
Thank you Sundogs!

Jim Northcutt Santa Cruz, CA.

It was a pleasure to

It was a pleasure to work with your studio. Excellent customer service and a beautiful restoration job that other companies said was not possible!

J. Nieh, San Diego, Ca

I had two pieces repaired. Could not be happier. Beautiful work. I definitely would recommend them. The nicest people to do business with.

Linda H., NC

Incredible! Far exceeded my expectations. You took what I thought was a hopeless situation and restored it to like new. The dollar value of my lamp is minimal, the sentimental value is priceless. Thank you for restoring our priceless memory!

Tom K,. Mo.

I received my jade dog yesterday. You did a GREAT job! It was broken as long as I can remember and who knows what happened to the original leg. I am seeing him whole for the first time. I also wanted to thank you for attaching him to the base. This way he is not as likely to get broken again…..Please keep me informed about your new venture. If I ever have the need I will gladly use your services.

John G. Washington, DC

Just received the jardinière today and it looks terrific!! Thanks for doing such a great job on the restoration. Thanks again!

Greg G., Ga.

Got the crock today. Thank you. It looks great! Had to look at pictures to figure which handle was new!

Mark J., Ga.

Ring Around the Rosie is intact and wonderful! Thank you so much….

Sandy L., Tn.

The package arrived today safe and secure. Thank you so much. I am very pleased with your work and all of your courtesies to me. This was a sad and distressing episode for me and your skill in restoring my treasure will help me move on.

Jean S., Co.


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