Everything Else

We’ve had the privilege of working on some very interesting things. Clients have brought us everything from advertising to archaeological pieces. Though we focus primarily on ceramic restoration we find ourselves drawn to other materials such as papier mache, plaster, resin, jade and wood. We have restored baby hand castings, Kindergarten projects and special family treasures of all kinds.



Chalkware was created in late 1800’s England as a more affordable alternative to popular Staffordshire porcelain. Since then all types of figures have been rendered in this plaster of Paris material. It had a resurgence during WWII when chalkware items were used as carnival prizes. These pieces can be a challenge to work on-particularly when they are very dirty or have a prior repair-because the material and paint is susceptible to further damage when cleaning and removing old repairs.



Jade is a popular material for both decorative art and jewelry. Like wood, we work on jade on a case by case basis. Due to it’s inherent weight we will not be able to take large pieces. Similarly, if a piece needs a restoration we will provide you with a referral to a highly regarded jade specialist.


Time lapse of jade being reassembled

If you have an interesting piece that is in need of restoration or repair services, call us at 314-704-3390 or email us today.